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Savannah Kittens

Savannah Kittens - Information on the Nature, Behavior and Cost of Savannah Kitten

The savannah breed of cats came about due to cross breeding between a Siamese cat and a serval cat.

The coat of savannah kittens is spotted and striped. The colors of these cats range from silver to amber. Savannah cats have longs necks, long legs and erect ears. A unique feature of these cats is the dark marking around the eyes which assumes the shape of a tear drop. Savannah cats have sleek and long bodies.

When they assume a standing position, their hind legs appear even taller than the shoulders. The tail is black tipped with black markings around it. A fully grown savannah cat weighs about 18 to 30 pounds and grows to about 30 inches in length. Therefore this breed is a lot larger than other domestic pets.

Nature and Behavior of Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are known to be friendly and affectionate as pets.

Cats which are reared among other animals and humans grow to be very sociable animals. In other cases savannah cats may appear reserved from humans and other pets. Such cats display behaviors like hiding or hissing. Some pet savannah cats tend to greet their owners by head butting them. The tip of the tail may also fluff out and tail may wag excitedly in greeting. Most owners of savannah cats experience great loyalty from their pets. This loyal nature is often compared to that of pet dogs. These cats may even be taken on a leash or even be made to fetch objects much like dogs, if they are trained accordingly. Various behavior patterns are observed in this cat breed. Savannah cats are known for their jumping skills. Some cats are able to jump up to 8 feet from a standing position. Another unique feature of these cats is that they enjoy being in water. Unlike other domestic cats, savannah cats are fond of immersing themselves completely in the water.  This cat breed emits some unique sounds. They may either chirp like a serval cat or purr a Siamese cat. Black savannah kittens are popular among cat lovers because of their smoke black coat.

Savannah Kitten Cost

The savannah cat breed does not have any special dietary requirements. They also do not require any special care. High cat quality cat food maybe fed to them. Some higher generations of this breed, however, prefer raw meat. Since this is a newer breed, it is not as easily available as other cat breeds. Hence savannah kitten cost maybe on the higher side.


  Submitted on December 7, 2011