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Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan Kittens - Comprehensive Information on Health Care, Personality and Colors of Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan kittens are also referred to as “Colourpoint Persians”, especially in Europe.

They are quite similar to the Persian cats in many ways. Himalayan cats generally have long hair and blue eyes. Their point coloration, being crossed between the Persian cat and the Siamese cat is quite unique. They usually have a short and round body.

Their legs are also usually quite short. Due to this, they are not quite able to jump as high as common cats. The commonly known himalayan kitten name is “Himmies” They generally make excellent pets at home. They have a very sweet and affectionate nature and are extremely accomodating.

They are also considered to be quite intelligent. They can be very playful as well. You can obtain himalayan cat information from your local pet store.

Personality of Himalayan Kittens

Himalayan kittens, being akin to the Siamese cat, are quite active, even more so than the Persian Cat. It is important to keep in mind your pets need for regular physical activity. Exercising habitually can prevent obesity and unhealthy weight gain and allow your cay to lead a healthy happy lifestyle. An interesting thing about the himalayan kitten’s personality is that they love to play fetch. It is great fun to watch them play with a kitten’s toy or even a crumbled ball of scrap paper for hours. They can be very entertaining with a simple ball of string as well. Himalayan kittens are like babies and they crave attention and affection. They are very gentle and affectionate by nature and should be given ample companionship and attention. Petting and grooming your himalayan kitten regularly is very good for its well being. Himalayan kittens need special care and it is best to brush their coats daily so that the coat remains healthy and good looking.

Colors of Himalayan Kittens

Some breeders also recommend bathing your cat to reduce oiliness on your cat’s skin and fur. The fur of the himalayan kitten is generally whitish or cream in color, except for the points which may be of varying colors. Himalayan kittens generally have different colorings and are named accordingly. A blue point himalayan cat will have a blue colored coat just on its ears, face mask, feet and tail. A Chocolate point himalayan kitten will bear a chocolate color, also confined to its ears, face, feet and tail. Similarly, a cream point himalayan kitten and a seal point himalayan kitten will have a cream colored coat and a seal brown colored coat respectively.


  Submitted on November 8, 2011