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Scottish Fold Kittens - Information on Adoption, Cost, Nature and Temperament of Scottish Fold Kitty

Scottish fold kittens are particularly cute and they have a very singular appearance.

Their ear cartilage has a fold and this causes their ears to bend in a very distinctive manner. The ears tend to fold towards the kitten’s face. This forward bend gives them an extraordinary “owl-like” look.

Adoption and Cost of Scottish Fold Kittens

Scottish fold kittens are usually considered to be exceptionally loving and passionate companions. Such an excellent reputation, combined with their distinctive and eye catching appearance, makes Scottish fold kittens extremely desirable as pets.

Being so highly sought-after, Scottish fold kitten adoption can be relatively expensive. A Scottish fold kitten would cost significantly more than a kitten of a more common breed. The name “Scottish Fold” was only adopted in the year 1966. Prior to that, they were known as lop-eared cats.

Nature and Temperament of Scottish Fold Kittens

All Scottish fold kittens are born having straight ears without any folds.

The fold in the ears will be visible in about 3 weeks after birth. Multiple folds in the ears are possible, although this was not a characteristic of the original Scottish Fold cats and has been introduced later by breeders through selective breeding. You may find 2 or even 3 creases in the ears of a Scottish fold kitty. Such multiple creases will actually make the ears lie totally flat on the cat’s head. This gives a cap like appearance on the cat’s head.

The fully grown adult Scottish fold cat is medium sized and would generally weigh between 6 to 9 pounds for females and 9 to 13 pounds for males. They have a very round appearance. Their face, head and also their body appears rounded. Even the eyes of the Scottish fold cat are round and large. Their neck is rather short. The nose would generally be short and curved. The legs are generally short or may also be medium sized. The Scottish fold kitten has a cute expression which is due to broadly spaced large round eyes.

Scottish fold kittens are quite good natured and have very affectionate temperament. They make excellent pets as they easily bond with other pets in the house. They are very loving and will usually get very attached with their human family. Scottish fold kittens are generally considered to be highly intelligent, playful, loyal and affectionate. A rather peculiar habit of the Scottish fold cat is to sleep on its back. They also place their paws on their stomach and sit with their legs outstretched in a very singular manner.

  Submitted on November 8, 2011