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Manx Kittens

Manx Kittens - Information on the Cat Breed, Grooming and Manx Kitten Care

Manx kittens are unique from other breeds because of the absence of a tail.

This is due to a genetic mutation of the spine. Some cats may, however, have a normal tail, while some may have short and stumpy tails. Still other cats may have no tail at all. Manx cats are stocky and may weigh about 12 pounds.

They have short backs and long rear legs. The colors of manx cats may vary. The length of the hair may also vary. Manx cats with semi long hair are referred to as cymrics.

The Manx cat breed is known for its playfulness, liveliness, affectionate nature and intelligence.

The Manx breed is believed to have come about in the Isle of Man. There are various myths and stories associated with the origin of the breed. Even today there is a great deal of speculation as to the origin of these cats. Manx cats that remain primarily in the home must have annual visits to the vet. Cats that tend to spend more time outdoors may have to have veterinary visits about four times annually. These cats are prone to parasitic infestation such as hook worms, round worms, tapeworms and whip worms. Therefore an examination of stool samples is essential.

Infestation of external parasites such as ear mites, fleas and ticks must also be checked. A dental examination is also necessary.

Cats of 8 years of age are termed as geriatric cats and certain additional tests may be needed for such cats. Manx cats make good mouse and vermin hunters. They can also be trained easily and are able to learn basic commands. These cats also enjoy being around people and do not dislike being in water.

Manx Kitten Care

Manx kitten care involves proper and regular grooming. The cats must be bathed and brushed. The claws must also be clipped regularly. Manx cats also have to be exercised more than other cat breeds since they are rather energetic. These cats may have sensitive stomachs and hence care must be taken when feeding them. Poorly bred cats may also suffer from nerve damage in the tail area which can lead to itching and irritation. Manx kittens make good pets for children as they enjoy receiving attention and are also quite playful. It is also important to learn about this cat breed before bringing them home so that proper and adequate care can be given to them.

  Submitted on December 20, 2011