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Small Kittens

Small Kitten - Comprehensive Information on Breeds, Care and Food For Small Kittens

Cats are amongst the most popular pet breeds in the world.

Felines are extremely easy to take care of and can live comfortably in the confined spaces that characterize the modern urban settlements of humans. Cats are extremely agile which makes them capable of jumping onto furniture. Many cat owners choose to purchase or acquire the pet when it is a small kitten.

The acquisition of a small kitten is good because it helps in the process of training the cat and allowing it to acclimatize well. A small kitten will also find it easier to adapt to the human once it gets over the initial fear that it will have. In some cases, the small kitten is born in the house itself and the mother cat will be present to provide it with the care that it needs.

In this case, small kitten care is extremely easy and the owner only needs to bother about things like vaccinations and general cleanliness of the living space.

Small Kitten Breeds

Some people prefer small kitten breeds as these cat breeds will remain rather small when they grow into adults as well. The preference of small kitten breeds is purely personal. There are quite a few different small kitten breeds that an individual can choose from. These include Munchkin, Balinese, Oriental Longhair and Javanese breeds amongst many others.

Small Kittens Care

One aspect of small kittens care that differs from that of other pets is the delicate nature of the pet. Most kittens are quite delicate themselves and this applies even more to small kitten breeds. People who have young children in the house many not be advised to keep small kitten breeds in their houses. The reason for this is that the young children are often unaware of how delicate kittens can be. This can lead to an unfortunate situation of the child actually injuring or killing the pet accidentally. Young children also tend to be very curious and may wish to simply play with the kitten when they cause injury.

Small Kitten Food

When it comes to matters of small kitten care and small kitten food, one needs to be well versed in the requirements of the pet before taking on the responsibility of actually owning and raising the pet. Most breeds of kittens have the same vaccination schedules. One should consult with other pet owners and with animal specialists before choosing the type and breed of animal that one will keep as a pet.


  Submitted on November 11, 2011