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Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels - Comprehensive Information on Shoes, Boots, Trends and Kitten Heels For Fall

Kitten heels are a popular type of shoes that have a very thin pointed heel that is also very low in height.

These heels are usually 1.5 inches or less in height and are set at the extreme back of the shoe.

Kitten Heels Shoes, Boots and Trends

Kitten heels are very popular on pumps and women’s dress shoes. Kitten heels are found on many other kinds of shoes. The placement and the feminine shape of the kitten heels shoes make them very popular among women of all ages and sizes.

Since these are low-heeled shoes, they do not cause any discomfort as well.

Kitten heels trends have emerged from stiletto heels. These heels that are less than 5 centimeters in height are actually classified as stiletto heels. Due to their high sex appeal, these heels are also classified under the high-heel shoes.

When teamed with pointed toe shoes of the long-toed winkle picker shoes, kitten heels are considered extremely fashionable. Kitten heels boots are also very popular because of their extremely appealing shape and their small heels. These boots can be worn in all kinds of terrains and are also rather comfortable. Women can pair these kitten heels with formal dresses, evening gowns, and even casual attires. Kitten heels for fall trends, in boots matched with skirts, are also considered extremely fashionable.

Kitten heels were first introduced in the era of the 1950s. It was during that time, that these shoes became a part of the formal fashion attire for young girls, especially in their adolescence. It was believed that these heels were just apt for such young girls because higher heels were unbecoming. Since higher heels have many sexual connotations and are also extremely difficult to walk in, these heels are considered much more comfortable in comparison. These heels are often also known as trainer heels because these are used for training young girls to wear heels.

Although these heels were only initially meant for young girls in their teens, they have now become fashionable enough for women of all ages to wear. By the dawn of 1960s, women of all ages had begun wearing these heels. When the stiletto heels stopped being in fashion at the end of 1960s, the kitten heels also became extinct. However, in the 1980s, the heels made a comeback. These heels became fashionable again since 2003 and find their place among creations by top designers all over the world.


  Submitted on November 10, 2011