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Russian Blue Kittens

Russian Blue Kittens - Information on the Coat, Nature, Personality and Temperament of Russian Blue Kittens

The Russian blue breed of cats is one of the many breeds that have been adapted over the years.

The Russian blue kitten coat is luxurious and the Russian blue breed of cats gets its name in fact because of the blue-silver color of its coat. Russian blue kittens and cats are known to be extremely intelligent and will adapt to their surroundings quite well.

Cats are amongst the most popular pets kept by human beings. Cats tend to be easy to maintain and require little grooming and other care.

Cats are, by nature, extremely clean animals. Therefore, there is little effort needed to keep the living space of the cat clean. Cats are also quite small and tend to be easy to handle in confined urban spaces. The range of sizes in domestic cat breeds is smaller than that of dog breeds.

Personality and Temperament of Russian Blue Kittens

As the name suggests, the Russian blue breed is originally found in Russia. The Russian blue cat has a long body and features short hair. The hair of the Russian blue kitten is what draws most people to it. The Russian blue coat is quite unique which is what gives it its much desired appearance. Another reason for people to want Russian blue kittens is the personality and temperament of this animal. Russian blue kittens and cats tend to be very intelligent and tend to bond extremely well with their human companions. The bond between an owner and a Russian blue kitten begins at an early age. Russian blue kittens and cats tend to be less friendly to outsiders, especially at the initial stage when they are first introduced to an outsider. This relatively timid nature changes to one of affection if the outsider spends enough time around the cat, especially if this is done in the presence of the owner and other members of the household.

The affection given by Russian blue cats is often comparable to that of dogs. In general dogs are more affectionate then cats. However, the Russian blue kitten tends to be extremely affectionate and may fill a similar role to that of a pet dog. For this reason, many pet owners choose Russian blue kittens, especially when they have small babies in the house. These kittens tend to be extremely affectionate towards children. Russian blue kittens also get along with other cat breeds and other pets which is what makes them ideal for a multi-pet household where dogs and cats need to interact regularly.

  Submitted on November 16, 2011