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A cat is a feline, sharing its family with lions and tigers.

To distinguish them from the other members of the feline species, cats are often referred to as house or domestic cats.

A house cat is a small animal which is known for its ability to hunt and kill vermin and is therefore a cherished human companion. One of the oldest known pets, the association of cats with humans has been well documented for the past 9,500 years. Even today, the popularity of cats surpasses that of the dogs when it comes to household pets. The housecat, just like the larger members of its family, has sharp predatory skills.

The cat, though less trainable than a dog, can be trained to obey some simple commands. However, cats are extremely intelligent and are known to manipulate and learn things on their own. They are able to manipulate simple mechanisms like door handles and door knobs. The cat has various highly developed methods of communicating.

Apart from their highly defined body language, cats communicate by mewing, purring, growling, and hissing. They also grunt, click, and chirp to convey their intentions or needs. It is believed that cats were domesticated even in ancient Egypt. However, there they were considered a cult animal.

Breeds of Cats

There are various cat breeds that are popular with people. The cat fancier’s association recognizes about 41 breeds of cat, out of which only 16 occur naturally. The rest are all cross bred cats, which were bred for shows and exhibitions. Most of these bred cats have been developed in the later half of the twentieth century. The cats which are not purebred are often referred to as alley cats. Though this term is usually used for stray cats, the term is now also extended to other non-purebred cats. Due to the rigorous crossbreeding that has now become popular in populated areas, cats are divided into two types. The two cat types are domestic long hair and domestic short hair, depending on the length of their coats. The different breeds of cats come in all types of colors, patterns, and coats. Some of the most popular cat breeds are the Manx, the Siamese, the Turkish Angora, and the Chartreux. There are some breeds of cats that dominate the domesticated cats. Most breeds have specific types of coats, some of which are Bicolor, Tuxedo and Van, Tabby cat, Tortoiseshell and Calico, Colorpoint, White cats, and Smoke cats. 




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