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Cats and Kittens

Cats and Kittens - More Information on Cat and Kitten Health Care, Facts and Food

Cats and kittens need a different kind of care.

This is because kittens will take time to get a fully adequate immune system and are prone to more infections when they are very young. Their diet should also be different and they should be fed according to their age. The spurt in growth in kittens is within their first year.

Cat and Kitten Care

Cats and kittens need certain shots to protect them from various feline infections.

If owners ensure that their cats are protected they will live up to their complete lifespan which is around twenty years of age. As kittens take around 6 weeks to be weaned off from their mothers, they should not be separated before this period. They should not be given the dry kitten food until they are at least two months old.

Chocolates and grapes are a total no no for cats. Cat and kitten care should be according to the advice of the vet so that they can live a full and healthy life.

Cat and Kitten Facts

If you have picked up a stray and want to know what size it will grow to you can get a rough idea from the length of its whiskers. If the kitten is given a good diet with all the nutrients it requires its growth will be good and not stunted. Cat and kitten facts give a lot of information on what to expect from your new kitten.

Cat and Kitten Food

Once a kitten is weaned off its mother’s milk it becomes lactose intolerant. This means that you cannot give it milk any longer but will have to feed it regular cat and kitten food depending on how old it is. They also loose the immunity which they had while they were drinking mother’s milk and will have to get the required shots to protect them.

Cat and Kitten Health

Cat and kitten health are two different kinds f concern. A kitten is more susceptible to many more infections than a full grown cat and needs more protection to make it immune to various feline diseases. Neutering and spaying your tom and queen cat at an early age is best as there are less complications and the recovery is much faster. The cat heals much faster and goes through less trauma. If there are children in the homes where there are pet cats they should be taught how to take care of the pets and not hurt them or trouble them too.


  Submitted on November 11, 2011  

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