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Male cat

Male Cat

Male cats or tom cats can make for great pets and be an unending source of amusement, entertainment, and affection.

Despite their amiable nature towards their human counterparts male cats can be problematic and you can have your hands full if you aren’t prepared.

Cats may be affectionate towards their owners, but you can never really own one. They are fiercely independent creatures that are driven by instinct and can be extremely crafty and disobedient. They are highly intelligent and most of their mental energy is directed towards outwitting us to get their way.

Tom cats, with their high testosterone levels can be extremely aggressive and this does give male cat behavior a whole new dimension. A male cat is far more aggressive than a female and since most of this hostility boils down to testosterone, most problems associated with male cat behavior diminish greatly or disappear altogether once the cat is neutered.

Some other behavioral traits of a male cat that can be problematic include their territorial nature, and pursuit of a mate. Before we get the male cat’s endless quest for a mate it should be pointed out that male cat spraying is a feature attributed to both the cat’s territorial behavior and also to mating behavior.

Male cat spraying can be highly problematic because this behavior is not just displayed outdoors but also at home and is instinctive. Neutering male cats almost always eliminates this problem.

A male cat’s quest for a mate can take him far and wide and the behavior is referred to as roaming. A tom cat will often wander off, sometimes even for days in pursuit of a mate. This can leave you extremely worried and sometimes with good reason. While your male cat is out roaming he is most likely to pick fights with other cats he comes across and could come home quite bruised and battered. This tendency to pick fights is another aspect of male cat behavior that is a cause for concern. Male cats will challenge other tom cats for territory and a mate and these fights can be quite viscous. In the outdoors your cat is also exposed to attack from other animals. Although most tom cats can hold their own there is always the risk of infection from bites and scratches from other wild cats. Male cats are also believed to display high levels of aggression towards kittens and are said to even kill them, but they can at the same time be extremely caring parents.

  Submitted on October 22, 2010  

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