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Kitten diet

Diet for Kitten Health Care

The kitten's first year is said to be critical for a lifetime of health.

From the time the kitten grows from its infancy through to the equivalent of its childhood and then on to becoming a young adult. The kitten needs all the best possible nutrition thus helping it to build the strong bone structure, the good muscles, the well-developed nervous system and also the vitality it needs to get it through its first year. Studies have shown that the normal kitten's weight almost practically triples in the first three weeks of its life.  Kitten diet is a special diet.

Its rapid growth and its high energy level demands that the kitten food be extra rich in nutrition and in calories. Kittens have much smaller stomachs and thus tend to be very sparing and occasional eaters. They eat many, small meals throughout the course of the day.

A diet for kitten can be dry kitten food which is a good choice for all kittens as it will stay fresh and even flavorful in the kitten's bowl all through the day.  

Give the kitten up to three meals a day till it reaches six months in age. At six months the kitten may begin to resemble an adult cat. However this should not be taken at face value, as the kittens still have lots of growing up that they need to do and should also continue to eat a diet which has been made specially for the kittens. The kittens appetite will start to lessen somewhere between four and seven months of age. This is normal. When the kitten starts to lose its baby teeth it may also begin to eat reduced quantities as its gums may be sore and it may be feeling some pain. When the kitten starts to go from infancy to adulthood the kitten will need all the possible nutrition it can get to ensure that it develops a strong bone structure, a developed nervous system and also the vitality. When the kitten finally reaches its first birthday then it can officially be called an adult cat. Now the cat will not require the high calorie food it was being fed as a kitten it can now move on to a proper cat diet meant for an adult cat. By now its permanent teeth will have grown and it will also be able to chew on and digest all the foods that the adult cats do.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010