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Low ash cat food

Low Ash Cat Food

Low ash cat food is of importance.

Meat that is used for cat foods is cooked at very high temperatures and this leaves behind ash residue. This ash contains magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals. Foods that contain a higher quantity of meat also contain a greater amount of ash. Good quality meats produce lesser ash. Ash cannot be completely eliminated from the diet since cats require some amount of it.

Previously, owners were advised to refrain from purchasing high ash content cat foods since it was believed to result in feline lower urinary tract diseases. However, recent evidence has shown that a high content of ash does not result in this condition.

Cats must receive proper nutrition or else they may fall prey to various diseases. Nutrition must cater to the cat’s specific bodily requirements in order to improve the health of the cat, as well as his general disposition. Cats are mainly carnivorous in nature and hence the main component of their diets is meat.

An important amino acid known as taurine is contained in meat and without this nutrient; cats stand to lose their vision. Cats do not consume grains in their natural environments and neither do they eat vegetables and fruits. They may occasionally chew on grass or some plants. A diet containing raw and natural cat food is advisable for cats. Studies have indicated that cats that eat raw foods tend to be healthier and experience fewer health problems.

Raw formulas have some amount of vegetables, nuts and seeds, and raw bones. The main ingredient of the food is raw meat. Raw foods in addition to providing good nutrition, is also easy on the digestive system of the cat. Cats absorb moisture through their intestines. Moisture is part of the raw foods in the form of blood and other fluids. Raw bones are also very safe for cats and provide many essential vitamins and minerals. There are some cats, however, that are unable to tolerate raw foods. In such cases wet food is a better option compared to kibble. Wet cat food has moisture in it and hence is easily digested. The ingredients of wet food are also less processed and more in their natural state. Healthy cat food contains mainly whole ingredients. Protein constitutes the main ingredient of such foods. It is advisable to opt for cat foods that have very little or no grains, corn and other fillers. There should also be no artificial colors and preservatives in it.

  Submitted on May 10, 2010