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Fish oil for cats

Fish Oil for Cat Health Care

Cat food which is commonly available in your neighborhood super market is not quite enough to meet the nutritional requirements of most cats.

Most of it does not contain sufficient quantities of fish oil in the form of Omega 3, an ingredient which is extremely important for the general health and well being of cats. The components of Omega 3 that are most beneficial are two kinds of fatty acids called Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and (Eicosapentaenoic acid) EPA.

Among the two DHA is more effective. Thus any Omega 3 supplement to be more effective has to have these two fatty acids with higher DHA levels being preferred.

It is also advisable to buy the fish oil supplement from a registered chemist or pharmacist as it ensures that the supplement is free of toxic components like mercury and lead which can be potentially harmful if consumed.

Omega 3 in fish oil helps in taking care of a wide range of health issues in cats. Apart from improving the general health and well being of cats and improving their life span, an important function of fish oil is its role in preventing cancer. Fish oil for cats also helps in improving the immunity of these cats to diseases, keeps the cholesterol levels in check and prevents arthritis. Cat health care requires the cat to be given a  regular dose of fish oil in the daily diet, which helps reduce the irritation on the skin due to various kinds of allergies and helps in the growth of hair, which would otherwise not have been growing due to the constant scratching. Skin nourishment is another benefit of the regular use of these supplements. Fish oil supplements for cats is also said to be good for their eyes and prevent various kinds of eye diseases.

Omega 3 supplements are not only a means of prevention of various kinds of cat diseases but it also helps in curing health issues that may have already occurred. They have been known to also reduce the size of existing cancer tumors in cats. Older cats who typically suffer from arthritis are also known to have gotten cured of the problem by regular use of these supplements. However, one should be aware of the fact that though the benefits of the fish oil supplements start working on the cats within a short period of time, it will take a few months for these to be noticeable to us. When we say that omega 3 brings back the sheen on the coat, it is actually the culmination of an overall improvement that has happened in the various internal organs of the body.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010