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Pregnant cat diet

Pregnant Cat Food

When one’s cat has become pregnant it is essential that the cat be given a check up by the veterinarian, both to help determine the cat’s overall health, and, also in the case of a pregnant stray cat, to check if she is carrying any serious contagious diseases.

Stray and even feral cats very often give up their last ounces of energy all to the developing kittens that they bear, due to the lack of any proper food, or care, or veterinary attention. Pregnant cat care will involve ensuring that the cat is not given any vaccinations. This is due to the possible risk of some harm coming to the unborn fetuses the cat will be carrying.

Feeding a pregnant cat will involve switching from a canned diet food to some kind of nutritious kitten food that is canned during the last 3 to 4 weeks. This will need to be continued even after the kittens have been weaned for a while. The kittens and the mother will essentially be eating the same food that is highly nutritious.

In the final week of the pregnant cat diet the cat should be given a dietary supplement of kitten replacement milk.

In the case of a pregnant stray cat that may possibly be under nourished and thin, one can try feeding her premium kitten food. This will help in building up her strength and also her stamina. Thus at the same time it will help the fetuses to develop to become healthy and strong. All pregnant cats need plenty of calcium in their diets. This is even essential once the kittens have been born and when the mother cat is nursing the kittens. Both pregnancy and the nursing can help to deplete the quantity of calcium that is found in the blood stream. This can lead to eclampsia which is known to be a life threatening disease. This can take place during the final stages of pregnancy. It should be given plenty of fresh and clean water also a clean and comfortable place where it can rest. Getting the pregnant cats scratching posts or toys to play with it is as essential as for the other cats. Try as much as possible to keep the cat indoors. This is essential from her safety point of view. When it is nearing the birthing time the cat will begin to look for a nice comfortable place to nest in.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010