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Moist cat food

Moist Cat Food

Nutrition and diet are extremely important for good cat health care and there are a number of cat foods that are available in the market that provide the best nutrition to your cats.

The varieties of cat food you can choose from are vast and range in their texture, nutritional value, essence or flavor and in the dietary value. This also implies that the choice of cat food that you make depends on a number of factors like age, health and personal preferences.

The three major varieties of cat food areon the basis of texture and packaging and these are dry, moist and wet or canned foods. Dry cat food is by far the most inexpensive of the lot and is often snubbed by many finicky cats and frowned upon by many cat owners.

On the other hand, moist cat food also resembles dry kibbles, the difference being that it is soft and chewy and this type of cat food is acceptable to majority of the cats and is most digestible of the three varieties of foods for cats.

Moist food for cat
often offer high palatability as compared to dry food and can be served easily and stored conveniently. Therefore, moist food is more appealing to some cats than dry cat food and this food is available in chunks packed in cans or foil packets. Canned food has a moisture content of at least 75% and thus makes it a good source of water in the diet and it also has the longest shelf life, provided it has not been opened. Canned cat food is available either in ration sizes or gourmet sizes where the gourmet canned cat food generally features organ meats like kidney or liver or other organ meats as the primary food ingredient. Gourmet canned foods become even more important to induce food intake in anorexic cats or to meet the higher protein requirements in the body as a result of a wound, for healing, or due to the presence of a disease that causes loss of protein.

Semi moist cat food, as the name suggests also has high water content, but significantly lower than the moist variety. Because of this it gives cats a portion of the moisture it needs but additional water also needs to be given along with it to keep the cat hydrated. Also, once the food dries out, it loses its nutritional value and cats generally will not eat it then because the enticing aroma also dissipates. Moist dry cat food has minimal water content at 8 percent and cats on such a diet will therefore need to consume larger amounts of water. It is considered as one of the least palatable of cat foods and also the least expensive of the three.

  Submitted on May 25, 2010