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Bullmastiff Diet

Bullmastiff Diet - More Information on Best Diet and Foods for a Bullmastiff

For big dogs, the faster they grow the more danger they are to themselves.

Big dogs like the bullmastiff need to fed properly on a proper diet as in their growing years as growing too quickly can be harmful to them.

Growing too fast can result in structural damage for the dog in his adult years. He will put on a lot of weight very quickly which could result in underdeveloped joints cartilage flaps, underlying soft bone and underdeveloped ligaments.

When you get a bullmastiff from a breeder, you will also be given a sheet which lists out what the puppy is being fed.

Stick as close to it as you can when you pick a dog food brand. The dry food or the kibble usually is fortified with additional nutrients and you should not add calcium or protein as you feel like it.

As bullmastiffs tend to put on weight very quickly, that is one thing you should carefully watch for are sagging pouches of flesh under the dog’s abdomen.

Bullmastiff Food

The bullmastiff’s food should consist of raw meat as these dogs are traditionally carnivores. The raw meat can be beef, chicken or lamb. The meat has to necessarily be raw and some bone bits mixed into it to balance out the calcium for the dog. Feeding your dog a diet of only meat is a bad idea. The best food for a bullmastiff is a combination of raw food with dog food. The combination of the two works well for the dog.

It is also important to supervise the dog while eating especially if you feed it complete bones. Dogs are known to eat quickly and swallow bones without chewing. This could cause the bone to lodge in the dog’s throat and can quickly choke the dog to death.

Other raw food items that can be added to the kibble are raw vegetables and fruits which are grated or chopped fine, eggs with the shell crushed in and even pasta or rice. Remember never to give your dog chocolate or raisins as these food items are toxic for a dog. Avoid giving things like corn cobs or apple cores as it can get lodged into the dog’s throat and has a potential to choke the dog.

There are some breeders that discourage mixing the kibble with raw food.  One meal of kibble and another meal of raw food, with bone for the chew.


  Submitted on December 15, 2011