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Pregnant dog diet

Pregnant Dog Diet

Pregnant dogs need special care.

Their nutritional requirements are different from other dogs because they have to eat both for themselves and their developing litter of pups. The dog gestation period is usually 60 to 63 days.  During this time, dogs must increase their intake of many nutrients to help with fetal growth and to ensure the mother dog is healthy.

Dog owners must make sure that the pregnant dog is getting optimal amounts of necessary nutrients and extra calories. It is vital to take proper pregnant dog care to prevent any mishaps during labor.

During gestation and nursing, the nutritional needs of the pregnant dog and the developing fetuses, is a top priority. A pregnant dog also needs regular exercise to maintain fitness

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Three weeks after mating the female dog may have an upset stomach
  • Loss of appetite

Dog Pregnancy Diet

  • During the first 30 days of pregnancy, give your pregnant dog a normal diet but try to ensure that you provide high quality food. This is because during the early stages, your pregnant dog does not need extra nutrients.
  • During the last month of pregnancy, you must switch to high quality puppy food. This is because puppy food is packed with many different nutrients that are essential for a pregnant dog.
  • You must not give vitamin supplements as a part of pregnant dog diet, especially the ones containing calcium. If a pregnant dog gets excess calcium through her diet or supplements, it could result in eclampsia, which is characterized by low blood calcium. Excess dietary calcium can further worsen the condition by causing complications in delivery.
  • Instead of one or two meals, give your pregnant dog many smalls meals, spaced at equal intervals throughout the day. This is because the stomach of a pregnant dog gets compressed due to the puppies that are developing in her womb, so she is not able to eat too much of food at one sitting.
  • Do not overfeed or underfeed your dog when she is pregnant. Overfeeding can cause fat deposition over her reproductive organs, which could make labor difficult. On the other hand, if a pregnant dog is underfed, she could be at a higher risk of developing eclampsia.
  • You must provide adequate amount of fresh water to a pregnant dog. Also, to keep her hydrated, it is advisable to give her a low-sodium broth
  • During pregnancy, the metabolism of a pregnant dog increases, so you must provide cooked and raw diets to maintain a quality balanced diet.
  Submitted on May 19, 2010