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Cane Corso Diet

Cane Corso Diet

The cane corso is strong and massive dog, with a short and easy-to-care-for coat.

He is also a very calm dog with a stern demeanor which makes him a good guard dog. The biggest advantage for the cane corso is that as compared to the other mastiffs, it is more athletic and energetic.

This dog breed is even called the coursing mastiff. It is a dog with a sense of adventure and high energy levels.

Though it is not considered an aggressive dog, if it is not socialized, it can get very aggressive as it grown. This breed needs regular socializing.  As it is a big dog and is capable of immense aggression, socialization is quite mandatory.

This is not a dainty dog and is not the breed for you if you do not like the things that go with having a big dog like drool, exuberance, destructiveness when bored and needing a confident owner.

Cane corso diet is a strictly protein one. Protein levels in the food should be around 23 to 28 per cent and fat levels should 12 to 14 per cent.  The protein and calcium levels play a big role in deciding the growth rate of the puppy and cane corsos put on about 80 per cent of their weight in the first one or two years. Try and pick the most natural brand of dog food if you can. You can give the cane corso ready made food three times a day till it is 14 weeks old.  As the dog becomes older, you slowly reduce the meals to twice a day.

Cane Corso Food

It is also a good idea to give your dog a combination of raw and ready made food. Mixing raw food with his kibble is a good way to familiarize him. You will also take some time before your dog settles down on to one brand of dog food. Do not fret over this and slowly wean him off one brand and onto another by mixing the little of the latter into the former. Too many sudden changes can cause an upset tummy for your puppy. Raw bones and food for the dog also has fans but you should do your research before you decide to feed your dog with raw bones.

Giving your dog scraps from your table is not only bad manners, but also harmful to your dog. It can cause your dog to become unnaturally fat which will affect its standard of living.


  Submitted on December 15, 2011