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High fiber dog food

High Fiber Dog Diet

Before shedding light on the benefits of a high fiber dog diet, it is essential to discuss the various disadvantages of the high fiber food.

Before implementing any kind of new diet it is essential you discuss it with your vet. A vet would suggest a high fiber dog diet for your dog for reducing obesity, for avoiding constipation, to lower the blood sugar and to ease bowel movements in your pet’s digestive system. A high fiber dog food is also suggested by vets to control the anal gland disease.

Other than the normal dog food you might give your pet, natural sources of fiber that can help in introducing a high fiber dog diet in your pet’s diet includes are beet pulp, tomato and apple pomace, citrus pulp, oat bran, rice bran, soybean, wheat etc.

High Fiber Dog Treats

The easiest way of feeding your dog high fiber dog treat is by initiating the canned variety first and slowly introducing natural and homemade sources of high fiber foods. This way it will considerably easier for you to figure out the proper dog diet.

A high fiber diet will keep your dog healthy and active.

The proper diet for a pet dog is one of the biggest concerns faced by dog owners. Having the right knowledge is the key to have a physically fit dog. People often prefer to give dogs the kind of food that the dog likes to eat or its favorite, but more often than not, dog owners should realize that the dietary requirements for dogs are different from that of the humans.

Some vets are of the opinion that that a high fiber diet sourced from vegetables and plants is the best type of diet for canines. This is because fibrous food contains insoluble carbohydrates, and these are found in the cell walls of plants and grains. Weight management in canines can be achieved through the adoption of a high fiber diet and is quite important for keeping them internally fit and healthy. Fiber present in a high fiber diet is believed to keep the dog feel “full” without the addition of unnecessary calories. Your dog is likely to have a satisfying meal but it will not add to the weight of your dog. However if rapidly fermented fibrous food stuff is administered to your pet in his diet, it may most likely result in your dog experiencing loose stools and on the other hand increase the risks of constipation.

A common disease among dogs is diabetes mellitus; this is a very common metabolic disease in dogs. This occurs when the pancreas stop making insulin. This disease in dogs can be controlled by having a high fiber dog diet. It is ideal if your veterinarian recommends a proper diet for your dog as you would not want to take chances on f your beloved dog’s health.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010