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Vet recommended dog foods

Vet Recommended Dog Diet

Although dog owners want to give the best quality foods to their pets, the multitude of dog food products and brands can make it quite confusing.

There are some foods, however, which provide better quality than the rest. These are the foods that are generally recommended by veterinarians.

Certain brands provide healthy foods which consist of many important nutrients and vitamins for dogs. These foods contribute to the overall health of the dog. Dog foods of a higher quality contain human grade ingredients.

The cheaper and lesser known brands generally contain ingredients that cannot be tolerated by the human body. Therefore, such foods will also not be appropriate for your dog. Good quality foods also help to ensure that your dog is able to maintain his health even as he ages. They do not contain any artificial ingredients such as preservatives.

Vet recommended dog foods include these natural dog foods which supply vitamin A and C, carbohydrates and other vital minerals and vitamins. These foods provide the dog with a healthy balanced diet. Good quality dog food is also available in age appropriate varieties. Different sized dogs require different types of food and dog food must range from small toy size dogs to dogs that weight above fifty pounds. Separate formulas must also be available for puppies and senior dogs. The requirement of carbohydrate and fats is different for puppies and older dogs. Senior dogs may also have special dietary requirements which will help them to stay healthy with advancing age. Vet recommended dog food can be found in various places. Some veterinary clinics also keep such foods which can be purchased by pet owners. There are also some natural or organic pet foods stores in which such food can be obtained. Certain pet food brands also make their products available for purchase over the internet.

Although foods recommended by vets may be of a higher quality, they may still be very similar to the other types of commercial dog foods available in the market. They may only differ in terms of the amount of ingredients, their quality and concentration. Therefore, pet owners may also avail of other options to ensure that their pets are receiving the healthiest food possible. One such healthy dog food option is homemade food which consists of fresh and natural ingredients. Since homemade food is prepared by the dog owner himself, there will be no risks of added preservatives or chemicals.



  Submitted on May 7, 2010