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Protein for dogs

Protein for Dogs

Dogs are very active animals and make for very pleasurable companions.

Protein intake is a very important part of the growth and development of the animal not only from a structural point of view, but from an immunity aspect as well. The body of a dog will actually require a total of 22 amino acids (which are essentially the building blocks of proteins) of which 12 can be synthesized within the animal’s body. The remaining 12 are attained by the way of foods that they consumed and are thereby known as essential amino acids.

In order to put into perspective how important protein intake is for a dog, protein content of a healthy dog will make up about 18% of its total weight. The protein content is absorbed by the muscles, skin and liver and helps rejuvenate as well as replenish them. The protein requirement of a dog will depend largely on the breed of animal as well as its purpose.

For example, a puppy will require abut 28% of protein content in its food with about 17% of fat content because of the fact that it is in a state of growth. The adult dog, which has reached its optimum growth will require a rather lower amount of protein content at just about 18% with 9 to 15% of fat content. Racing sled dogs will require significant amounts of protein content in their food because of the amount of physical activity as well as wear and tear that their muscles are placed under. As a result – sled dogs will require as much as about 35% of protein content with about 50% of fat content in their daily diet.

Low protein dog food may be the need of the hour in certain cases. One example of this would be if your animal was suffering from kidney disease. The low protein diet will help produce less nitrogen waste, thereby decreasing the incidence of vomiting. Some other cases in which the veterinarian would recommend that you feed your pooch low protein diets include congestive heart failure as well as recurring urinary stones. High protein dog food can be administered to your pet, but one needs to take into account the age and activity of the animal before feeding it too much protein. Dogs that are lactating or even considered to be performance animals will require to be fed high protein diets.

  Submitted on June 3, 2010