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Low protein dog food

Low Protein for Dog

Very often pets have very specific dietary and nutritional requirements that owners need to pay attention to.

For instance, certain kinds of illnesses or allergies may require pets to alter their everyday diet. It is thus essential to take your pet to the veterinarian for frequent examinations to help assess his/her health. He can help you decide what kind of dog food is best suited for your pet and will give you advice on any dietary regulations that may have to be imposed.

Veterinarians frequently recommend a low protein dog food for dogs. Low protein dog food is usually recommended to help alleviate symptoms of certain kinds of disorders in dogs. It is important to remember that your dog should only be given low protein food if the same has been recommended by your veterinarian.

Normally, dogs require a certain amount of protein (approximately 25%) in their diets to help maintain their health. Low protein dog food is available in canned and dry form and you can choose what is most appetizing for your pet. Most often, a veterinarian may recommend a low protein diet for dogs who suffer from disorders related to the urinary tract. Low protein dog food is generally recommended for dogs who suffer from disorders like acute kidney failure, congenital kidney disease, congestive heart failure, urinary stones or kidney failure, to help alleviate their symptoms. Most healthy dogs tend to excrete uremic toxins in their urine but in some cases these toxins may build up and lead to kidney disorders. These toxins are generally the result of the break – down of protein in the digestive system. Your dog’s protein intake should thus be limited to help keep the level of uremic toxins low.

Since your dog requires low protein dog food to address specific health related problems, it is advisable to purchase the best quality of low protein dog food available. This is to ensure that dog nutritional requirements are met and there are no harmful ingredients in the low protein dog treats you are feeding your dog. Therefore, while buying your dog low protein dog treats, ensure that it does not contain chemical preservatives. Toxins present in low protein dog food will still need to be filtered through your dog’s liver and kidneys and may thus be harmful for your pet’s condition. In addition, ensure that your dog’s low protein dog food contains high levels of vitamin D3 and calcium.



  Submitted on May 18, 2010