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Wet dog food

Wet Dog Food

The three main types of dog food are wet dog food (or canned food), dry and semi moist.

The first kind has a higher moisture content as compared to dry or semi moist food. It also contains higher values of protein and vitamins. As it is often cooked in the can or sterilized before canning, it is safer too. Dogs generally prefer wet dog food as it is more flavorsome.

It is less processed and contains fewer chemical preservatives. Canned dog food has about 75 % water content as compared to dry dog food which has only 10 % water content. Older dogs, or dog with teeth problems or dogs of small breeds find it far easier to chew wet, soft food. Another advantage is that unopened canned tins have a longer shelf life, so it is easier to store and also can be purchased in bulk.

However, there are a few disadvantages too: once opened, the canned food spoils quickly. It should not be left in the dog’s dish for a long time. Any unused food must be refrigerated and used within 3 days. Wet dog food is also more expensive than dry food and some dogs, after acquiring a taste for this kind will find it difficult to switch to other kinds.

Dry dog food is less expensive and also less likely to go bad once opened. Dry food or dry pellets is often referred to as kibble and is easy to make. Dry food comprises of mainly vegetable matter and protein. Fats may be used to give flavor and nutritional value. Dry food helps to exercise the dog’s jaw muscles. Plaque and tartar build up is also prevented by dry food. The drawbacks with this food are that it has less nutritional value and contains more added preservatives than wet food. Unlike wet food, unopened packets have a short shelf life. Most pet owners prefer to feed their dogs a combination of wet and dry foods. Dry food should be stored in a dry room at room temperature.

Moist dog food that comes in a can is most convenient food for a dog. It is beneficial if you do not have the time for raw food or if you are going out of station and leaving your pet. Whatever kind you choose, remember that your dog’s health depends a lot on the nutritional value of its food.

  Submitted on June 2, 2010