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Human grade dog food

Human Grade Dog Food

Choosing the right kind of dog food is an important part of taking the best care of you canine pet and, in recent years, commercially available dog food has become an increasingly lucrative market as a number of manufacturers see the potential in making dog food more easily available to the masses.

However, as wit almost any type of commercially produced food, there is always the risk of some unhealthy substances being added to the mix that can have very dangerous effects in the short term or even long term health of the animal.

While most of the more expensive dog food products available today are of a higher quality and significantly tested for dangers, the more economically priced variety very regularly includes a number of synthetic based substances that provide very little or no nutrition at all for the animal.

The dogs nutrition plays a significant role in the amount of energy it has over the course of the day as well as its aesthetical appearance as a good looking and glossy coat will have as much to do with the kind of nutrients being absorbed by the body as it does to constant grooming.

Although there is no scientific specifications as what can be classified as human grade dog food, it is a bracket of foods that is more specifically designed keeping in mind the fact that most previous food formulas have played a role in the development of conditions such as heart disease, lung and liver disease as well as stomach problems. Human grade dog food is said to be a more low fat, low calorie and low carbohydrate version of the normal varieties of dog food. To choose the best types of dog food one should closely scrutinize the first few ingredients on the packaging as they are the more significant ones. Look out for any synthetic based proteins as well as substances like Ethoxyquin, which is essentially a preservative that is commonly used in dog food production that also contributes to the development of a number of conditions such as liver and kidney damage as well as cancerous skin lesions. Natural balance dog food is a very highly recommended brand of dog food because of the fact that all ingredients in this kibble are grown in the United States of America and certified free of genetically modified organisms. Moreover, Natural balance also has a variety of kibble, meaning that you can offer your dog a diversity of food of rather high quality.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010