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Homemade dog food

Homemade Dog Food

A pet dog becomes an integral part of the family.

Most pet owners would have nothing less than the healthiest of foods for their pets. They get the best commercial foods available for their dogs and end up spending a lot of money. However, lately, there have been a lot of questions on the dog food quality being sold commercially. Various tests and studies have shown that a lot of commercial dog food companies sell poor quality food materials.

Most of this food is not fit for consumption and contains a lot of chemicals and animal by products.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

To make sure that your dog only receives food that is of the highest quality, try and feed your healthy homemade dog food. It is important to understand that the foods that our dogs eat are very different from the foods that we eat. This is because their nutritional requirements are different from us.

However, a mix of meat, starches, and vegetables covers all the nutrients that are required by your dogs. These contain good digestible carbohydrates and proteins and also take care of micro nutrients that your dog requires.

Before you begin feeding homemade dog foods, it is wise to check with your veterinarian and get details of which foods are best for your dog. Your veterinarian may also suggest specific recipes that you can use to make food for your dog.

Generally, forty percent of the dog’s meal should consist of meats. The rest should contain equal parts of starches and vegetables. This formula can be followed to make sure that your dog is getting all the nutrition that it requires. If you keep feeding your dog a diet based on this plan, your dog will continue to remain healthy. However, there may be times when you have to make adjustments to the diet. For instance, when your dog is pregnant or lactating, the amount of meats may have to be increased. Similarly, if your dog has a kidney disease, it is advisable to reduce the quantity of proteins in the diet and replace meat with other, more easily digestible protein sources. One of the simplest recipes for homemade dog diet is minced turkey, carrots, and rice. You can also substitute minced turkey with other meat products like lamb, chicken, or beef. Make sure that you keep changing your recipes so that the dog eats different varieties of food and therefore receives all the different nutrients.

  Submitted on May 21, 2010