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Hypoallergenic dog food

Hypoallergenic Canine food

Dogs are known to develop allergies for a multitude of reasons.

Some of the food allergies can be the cause of allergic symptoms like licking, dry skin, asthma or vomiting. Some of the common food allergies that dogs suffer from are related to grains, beef, pork, vegetables, eggs, soy, chicken, milk, wheat, whey and preservatives. Very often, the dog is not really allergic to a meat source by itself but actually to the cooked or the byproduct version.

In addition, allergic reaction can be the result of the additives that are found in commercial dog foods. Preparing the hypoallergenic food at one’s home can thus help to eliminate allergens from the dog’s diet and is normally referred to as the elimination diet.

Trying to start a dog off on a diet that consists of homemade hypoallergenic dog food or an elimination diet can seem a bit overwhelming initially.

However, the switching over from commercial dog food to homemade healthy dog food which is raw food will help to provide the dog with a number of health benefits. Besides the relief from an allergy, a raw food fed dog should ideally experience shinier coat, cleaner teeth, smaller stools and an improved digestion.

Some of the top ingredients that can be checked out to see if any change in the menu are the best remedy for a dog allergy. Firstly corn starch is known to be regular filler and is the cause of a number of health issues besides causing allergies. Also dogs do not have the ability to convert the soy protein into useable fuel. For dogs meat protein the best thing. Very often water is used as a filler in the food and is totally non nutritive as is coconut oil. Another ingredient that is harmful is Dicalcium phosphate which can actually become toxic in a dog’s body and Canola oil which becomes carcinogenic. Cellulose is an additional ingredient that is harsh on the dog’s bowels whereas corn oil is just a source of vegetable fat. Vegetable gums which are used often are just non nutritive fillers. The best dog food for a dog is natural dog food. Try giving the dogs smaller fish like Atlantic mackerel or Salmon which are high in omega 3 and also B12. These fatty acids are essential in providing relief from any inflammation that is caused by an allergy. 10 percent of the dog’s diet should contain organ meat. Also feeding the dog some bones is also an essential ingredient in homemade diet.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010