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Organic dog food

Organic Dog Diet

Diet plays an important role in the health and well being of pets.

Organic foods are known to be beneficial for humans as it helps to improve energy levels. The incidence of illnesses is also lowered and recovery from colds and allergies occur much faster. In light of such evidence, many pet owners have also begun to examine the benefits of organic dog foods. All dog owners want to ensure that their dogs receive the healthiest food.

But considering that organic foods are also quite expensive, many wonder if the potential benefits are indeed worth the high price.

Organic foods are known to help in combating allergies and skin infections in dogs. Dogs that suffer from skin ailments and allergies may be undergoing significant irritation and discomfort. Shampoos and medications may be unable to help conditions and vet recommended dog food may be resulting in excessive scratching or shedding or hair.

In such cases, organic foods can help to boost immunity and resistance to infections of the skin. These foods do not contain any artificial flavoring agents and are free from traces of pesticides. Many commercial dog foods consist of preservatives and other additives which may be triggering the allergies. Therefore switching to natural organic dog food may help to protect from such conditions.

Overweight dogs are faced with an increased risk of diabetes, hip or back ailments and organ failure. They suffer from lowered energy levels and hence are unable to get regular exercise in order to keep fit and healthy. Commercial dog foods contain fillers which only carry bulk and not many nutrients. On the other hand, holistic dog foods do not contain fillers and are more nutritious than non-organic foods. As a result the dog is likely to receive more nutrition from smaller amounts of such foods. An organic diet coupled with regular physical activity will help to improve the health of the pet. Organic dog food is also more digestible as it contains higher quality protein and grain sources. This helps to prevent digestive problems. Studies have shown that dogs tend to consume less and even eliminate less when on an organic diet. Bowel movements occur regularly and in a healthy manner as well.
Diet has a considerable effect on the appearance and behavior of the dog. Since organic food carries more nutritional value, a holistic diet will ensure that the dog looks and feels better.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010