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Dog Progesterone Test

Dog Progesterone Test - Information on Dog Progesterone Testing Kits and Progesterone Test For Dogs

A dog progesterone test is a useful way of ascertaining the accurate ovulation date for the dog.

For breeders and dog owners who are interested in whelping, using the dog progesterone test to determine the ovulation period is a good idea. A bitch’s due date is usually 63 days from the start of ovulation. Even if you know when the dog is in heat, understanding the dog’s fertility cycle can help you to a large extent.

Dog Progesterone Testing

Dog progesterone testing is not a very difficult thing to do.

In fact, if you get a dog progesterone test kit, you can test the dog at home by yourself. There are a lot of dog owners who prefer going to a veterinarian for this test. However, with the easy to use home testing kits, you do not need to take your dog to the vet anymore.


If your dog has had some problems giving birth to litters earlier, planned C-sections may be necessary. For such medical procedures, knowing the ovulation cycle of the dog and the exact due date of the birthing is necessary. Knowing the exact due date of the birthing helps the breeder be ready for the litter. There are a lot of preparations to be made, especially when you are expecting a large litter. Apart from the preparation for the litter, you can also prepare easily for overdue or premature labor. During the entire period of gestation, which lasts roughly 63 days, monitoring of the progesterone can be really helpful.

Progesterone Test For Dogs

If your dog has given birth to a lot of dead puppies, there is a possibility that the progesterone levels in the dog’s blood are not normal. The dog may require progesterone shots or supplements in order to give full-term birth to healthy and live puppies. A lot of breeders underestimate the importance of knowing the progesterone levels of dogs. However, a dog progesterone test can be critical in determining the fertility and the health of a female dog. Your veterinarian will be able to help you evaluate the test results you get from a progesterone test for dogs. After you have performed the test, you can pass on the test results to the veterinarian. In case you have your veterinarian performing the dog progesterone test, they can tell you what the test results mean and what treatments your dog would need.

Some dog owners may repeatedly perform the test to ensure that there is a healthy and natural pregnancy from the mating.
  Submitted on January 12, 2012