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Dog Cerf Test

Dog Cerf Test - Information on Canine Eye Registration Foundation and Dog Cerf Exam

Dogs are one of the most common types of domestic pets all over the world and despite the fact that they can be easily trained to accomplish a wide range of functions within the house, including security as well as other specializations, probably their best trait is the fact that they are very good companions.

Moreover, the fact that there is such a wide range of breeds, all with their own shape, color and even character, it means that a dog lover can choose a dog breed that suits his or her wants perfectly.

Caring for a dog, however, is not a very easy task to accomplish.

While a majority of them are rather independent and can look after themselves, all of them will require the master to look after them when they are unwell.  Because of the fact that most dogs will prefer to suffer in silence, it is not very often that a dog will make decisive motions to alert its master about the fact that it is suffering and instead, will tend to suffer in silence. As a result, it is usually the bond that has developed between the master and the animal that will help him or her identify that the animal is suffering from some kind of medical ailment.

Dog Cerf Exam

Coming to the details of a dog Cerf test, it is important to first understand exactly what the CERF is. CERF stands for Canine Eye Registration Foundation, and is an organization that is primarily dedicated to the elimination of heritable eye disease in purebred dogs through a certain method of registration and research. The dog CERF test is a painless one that will primarily see the veterinarian examine the animals eye and fill out the CERF form that will also offer advise on breeding for the animal. In the event that the CERF form for your dog shows that the animal is free of any kind of heritable disease, you can send the completed CERF form off to the CERF for registration. Along with a registration fee, the animal will then be given a very official and globally accepted registration that will also contain a sample of the animals DNA. The dog cerf exam is not an intrusive one and, as a result, will not cause the animal any pain whatsoever.


  Submitted on November 23, 2011