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CPL Test For Dogs

CPL Test For Dogs - Comprehensive Information on Dog CPL Test Results and Diagnosis

What is a CPL Test For Dogs?

A Canine Pancreas-specific Lipase test, more commonly referred to as a CPL test for dogs, is a test that is conducted by pet health care providers, to measure the levels of canine lipase, in the pancreas.

There are several dog breeds that get affected by a very common health problem, known as canine pancreatitis.

It is absolutely essential for pet owners to detect and diagnose this condition in time, so that it can be treated as soon as possible.

If canine pancreatitis is not checked and treated, it can also be fatal. Therefore, in case any dog displays symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and total loss of appetite, it may be suffering from a severe pancreatic problem, which is why these symptoms need to be investigated without any delay. Hence, for a more accurate diagnosis, a veterinarian may need to conduct the CPL test for dogs.

Dog CPL Test

The results of the dog CPL test can help the vet to know the severity of the problem as well as the best possible course of treatment. At times, after going though the results of the CPL test for dogs, a vet may need to recommend a few further tests for a more detailed diagnosis.

In several instances, vets may also recommend the CPL test for dogs for those canines that are recovering from pancreatitis, or even for those dogs that are prone to this condition due to different factors, which could also include heredity. There are several dogs of different breeds and ages that have undergone a major improvement in their pancreatic condition, due to the right treatment they received after they were accurately diagnosed with the help of the CPL test for dogs.

Certain leading laboratories manufacture and market the kits that are required for carrying out the CPL test for dogs. Well experienced pet owners may try to use these kits at home, but only a well qualified and experienced veterinarian should do so, in order to check if a dog is suffering from pancreatitis or any other disease related to the pancreas. This is because a certain procedure needs to be followed, in order to get a correct reading, failing which the results may not be a hundred percent accurate.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information available on CPL test for dogs through various resources. However, since pancreatitis can be quite a serious condition, it is important to consult a vet, in case any of its symptoms are evident.

  Submitted on January 4, 2012