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Dog skin care

Canine Skin Care:

Just as with human beings, a dog’s skin and overall condition of its coat is considered to be a very helpful barometer for a trained eye to gauge the level of its overall health.

Moreover, the aesthetic advantages that a well groomed animal possess cannot be underestimated. Dog’s are regularly judged on their appearance – something that plays a pivotal role when they appear and participate in dog shows and hence, it is imperative that they be cared for with exceptional care.

A clean and healthy dog is also more relaxed at home than one that is neglected and develops an even stronger bond with the master if there is a sense of mutual care and understanding between the two. Good and effective coat care is not limited to simply a regular bath and brushing, but is also concerned with monitoring the dog diet and nutritional intake.

The fact that there are number of skin disorders that primarily affect dogs should also not be ignored. Canine atopy, for example, is a hereditary as well as chronic skin allergy and usually affects the animal between the age of 6 months and 3 years. Common symptoms include the development of a rash around the eyes, ears, muzzle and feet. Hot spots are another common skin condition and are characterized by an inflammation around a specific area of the skin or coat created and worsened by the animal licking and biting itself. In some cases, a bacterial infection will cause the top layers of skin to break down and pus will tend to get trapped in the hair. Dogs that have a thicker undercoat are known to be more susceptible to the condition.

Fleas, ticks and mites are only a few parasites that cause a significant amount of damage not only to the animal’s coat, but the overall quality of its lifestyle as well. Hence, a regular clean up and a conscious and concerted attempt and locating and removing these parasites is a very important aspect of dog health care. When looking for meal for the animal, choose some type of good grade dry food that contains the vast array of dietary elements that your animal requires. Consult your local veterinarian to identify the best products available. A regular brushing of the coat helps distribute the natural oils more evenly across the body, thereby bringing a noticeable sheen to the animal’s coat. While bathing will help maintain a clean coat, it is imperative that you avoid performing it too frequently as it has a tendency to dry out the animals coat and increase the likelihood of hot spots.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010