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Dog travelling tips

Travel Tips for Dog:

Only those who have pets know how attached they are to them.

Leaving a pet behind while traveling for business or pleasure can therefore cause great distress. Often pet owners are known to travel with their pets. However, this can present a dilemma.

Not all places in the world allow you to board and lodge with your pets, especially dogs. Leaving your dog at a day care center or a kennel may not always be the most viable option, especially in the season when there are high chances of your pet falling ill. If you decide to take your pet to a kennel or boarding center for a few days while you are out of town, you need to make sure that your dog is fully vaccinated.

Still, there are chances that your dog may catch infections or parasites from the other dogs in the vicinity.

A lot of pet owners take their pets along with them when they travel. They do this even though it is cumbersome because dogs often experience motion sickness, and it is extremely difficult to travel with a dog that is not well. Your dog may need to have its vaccinations up-to-date even when you are taking it out with you. When you are planning to hike and camp with your dog, your dog could get susceptible to many insects, parasites and microorganisms which may cause harm to it. Make sure your dog is vaccinated against diseases such as the Lyme disease before you take a trip with it.

When you are packing for yourself and your dog, there are some essentials that you must pay attention to. Pack all the medication you use for your dog. Try and keep medication that has preventive action against heart worms and other parasites which may prove to be life threatening. Also keep anti-flea and anti-tick powders and sprays. Keep a snug fitting collar with an updated ID tag, and make sure that while you are out of town, your dog wears an ID tag with your name and number at all times.

If you are traveling with your dog by road, keep a lot of water. Your dog may feel experience motion sickness and dehydration while you are on the road. Keeping a lot of water handy can save you and your dog a lot of trouble. Also, carry some of the things that your pet is familiar with. In a new environment, these familiar things will comfort your dog.
  Submitted on February 9, 2010