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Dog Physical Exam

Dog Physical Exam - More Information on Dog Physical Examination

It is extremely important to have a dog physical exam done on your pet regularly every year.

If the dog has remained healthy then you can wait for a year but if your pet shows signs of illness or is aged then you may have to have him checked up more often. This helps in detecting any health problems early enough so that the dog can be treated and cured faster.

If the dog is examined regularly then not only can you prevent its health from deteriorating but can also keep it in good shape and increase its longevity.

Most people feel that if their pet is healthy it does not need an annual examination but this is not true. There may be some health problem which is not noticeable by you but which a vet will be able to detect.

An aging animal may develop heart problem or be going through problems with its liver and kidneys. A total failure of the system can be detected early and kept under control if the dog is being examined regularly by a qualified vet. The pet should also have is regular shots and grooming so that the nails do not grow too long and curve inwards and cause pain and discomfort to the animal. Regular shots prevent the pet from getting various infections.

Dog Physical Examination

Other aspects of a dog physical examination are ensuring that its ears are clean; that it does not have any parasites and that its teeth are also taken care of. Pets can have skin problems which if not cared for immediately could become chronic and cause them a lot of discomfort and misery. Pets could have dangerous parasites which would need a blood test to diagnose them. If the parasites grow to large numbers it could prove fatal to your pet. Regular shots will help to keep diseases away and help your pet to live to a ripe old age in a healthy condition.

Diseases like rabies and distemper have no cure and if your pet gets any of these you will have to either watch him die a painful death or put him down. Instead it is better to have him seen to regularly and avoid loosing your pet to a disease which could have been prevented with timely intervention.

Like human beings dogs can also have diseases like diabetes and this should be diagnosed early or it would lead to more chronic problems.

  Submitted on January 10, 2012