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Test For Dog Breed

Test For Dog Breed

A DNA profile analysis is the best test for dog breed.

It helps to identify the correct breed of a dog and offers accurate results. Each dog has a unique DNA profile which can be used to identify its breed. A dog breed test also helps an owner to be aware about possible health complications characteristic of certain breeds.

Dog Breed Test

Dogs which are adopted form rescue groups or shelters are usually a mix of various breeds.

Performing a DNA test on these dogs will help to give the owner an idea about the breeds that make up the dog. This helps in understanding the dog’s behavior and brings to light certain obstacles or challenges that owners may face during training. Information about potential health issues is also obtained and this helps owners in providing proper care to their pets. A dog breed test reveals the dna profile of the dog.

Most tests enable identification of about 100 major breeds that make up a dog.

Dog Breed Test Kit

In order to perform this test, you can order a dog breed test kit. These kits vary in price, but use similar methods. The results of these tests are usually available within a few weeks time. There are also some tests which give a more detailed dog breed profile. You can decide which type of test you wish to perform on your dog. Once you receive your test kit, ensure that you read all the instructions provided. There is usually a data sheet along with instructions and also a frequently asked questions section. You will also find sample submission form and a self mailer which will be used to send the test results back to you. A DNA test is performed by swabbing the inside of the dog’s cheek using a mouth swab. Place the swab inside the vial which will be provided in the kit. There are also blood tests done to identify the DNA of dogs. These involve a visit to the vet or pet clinic. Therefore many owners prefer to order to DNA home testing kit. Once you’ve performed the test, pack the vial in the self mailer along with the sample submission form. In about 5 to 8 weeks, you will receive a certificate providing the DNA test analysis. You will then have an idea about the primary and secondary breeds that make up your dog and this will also help to shed light on some of his behaviors.

  Submitted on January 25, 2012