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Dog Stem Cell Therapy

Dog Stem Cell Therapy - Information on Dog Stem Cell Arthritis and Treatments

Dog stem cell therapy has been the latest buzz in the pet health industry.

Stem cell therapies, which till now had been limited only to humans, have now been extended to dogs. Dog stem cell treatment, though successfully observed in a few cases, is not a conventional form of therapy as yet. However, in the field of veterinarian medicine, dog stem cell therapy has been rightly called ‘the new frontier’.

Stem cell treatment is a simple treatment method in which new and healthy stem cells are injected into the part of the body where the cells may be damaged or injured. As the stem cells find their place in the damaged part of the body, they begin multiplying and replace the injured and dead tissues.

Dog stem cell therapy has so far been successfully utilized in case of hip dysplasia in young adult dogs.

The stem cells are in fact taken from the healthy parts of the dog’s body. There are many different techniques that are applied to extract the healthy stem cells from the rest of the tissue. However, once the stem cells are separated, the actual treatment procedure may not take very long. It is known that most successful treatments and therapies offered to our pets have been inspired by human medicine. A long stint of military dog stem cell research has finally paid off, and after many successful clinical trials with military dogs, the treatment is now finally available to dogs all over the world. Still, veterinarians who are interested in performing this procedure need to have the requisite training.

Dog Stem Cell Arthritis and Treatments

Dog stem cell arthritis treatments are being worked upon, and it is believed that very soon, these treatments will be released to dog owners who have been struggling with their aging and ailing pets. Since hip dysplasia has been completely cured using dog stem cell therapy, there is a strong notion that arthritis may also be completely cured using the technique. Though dog stem cell therapy is an extremely effective treatment method, with a lot of successful clinical trials, it has one major disadvantage as well.

Dog stem cell therapy is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. Since the entire treatment, from the extraction of the stem cells to their introduction into the dog’s body is very complex, the price tag on it is very high. This could discourage many dog owners to opt for the treatment.

  Submitted on January 11, 2012