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Dog first aid kit

Dog and canine first aid kit for hiking, sporting and hunting dogs

A comprehensive canine first aid kit comprises of basic elements such as gauze pads, digital rectal thermometer, petroleum jelly, cotton balls, tweezers, latex gloves, disinfectants or antiseptic cleansers, ointments and creams, scissors, muzzle, blankets, heating pads and ice packs.

Ointments and creams must include ideal solutions for bites, stings, cuts and bleeding. It is also important to carry medications for possible health disorders such as diarrhea, allergies, infections and phlegm accumulation.

Carrying a first aid book can also come handy to deal with unlikely conditions. Every kit must contain an information sheet that can help any veterinarian deal with your pet accordingly.

The veterinarian sheet must contain important details such as age, name, weight and breed of your dog. Also update vaccination and health records along with your veterinarian's phone number. Divide the list of first aid items into four categories namely: important phone numbers, medical supplies, nutritional support and bandaging material. Your dog first aid kit can vary with the outdoor activity such as hunting, sporting or hiking.

Sporting dog first aid kit
A sporting dog first aid kit is specifically customized for a sporting dog prone to sporting injuries apart from basic first aid items. A sporting dog first aid kit comprises of first aid book for dogs, cold pack, thermometer, three ply towels, saline solution, alcohol prep pads, cotton balls, cotton swabs, pill gun, latex or vinyl gloves, eye wash and antibiotic ointments. Stainless steel scissors, forceps and latex tourniquet must also be part of a sporting dog first aid kit.

Hunting dog first aid kit
Hunters and hikers who prefer to take their dogs along must consider an elaborate canine first aid kit to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Accidents and injuries are most likely among dogs in unfamiliar territory. Carrying essential first aid items can help ease the dog of any discomfort and also ensure you are prepared for any injuries until you reach a medical professional. Apart from the basic first aid kit it is important to add a pen light, magnifying glass and wound disinfectants. If you maintain two separate first aid kits for indoor and outdoor label the kits as dog first aid kit hiking or hunting for better access to medications.

AKC pet first aid kit
The American Kennel Club prescribes a health care plan that provides valuable information to save your dog in the most difficult circumstances. The health care plan also provides a comprehensive list of first aid kit items, treating the dog for poisoning and evacuation tips. The AKC pet first aid kit is a handy tool and it is advisable to keep one at home and one in the car.

  Submitted on June 1, 2010