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Dog Eye Test

Dog Eye Test - Information on Dog Eye Testing and Examination

A dog eye test will help you to know what the condition of your pet’s eyesight is and whether there is any other problem with the eyes.

Even a minor eye problem could turn into a major problem if it is not diagnosed and treated in time and this is why a pet’s eyes should not be neglected. Dogs like humans can have age related eye problems like cataract and glaucoma. You know when your dog has an eye problem when he or she bumps into furniture and things and has to sniff his way around instead of seeing where he is going.

Dog Eye Testing

The vet would have to perform some diagnostic dog eye testing to see what problem your pet is suffering with and also check the physical symptoms. If your pet has any discharge from the eyes or redness and inflammation you should have its eyes checked immediately. Common eye problems which dogs suffer with are corneal ulcers, eye drainage, conjunctivitis and glaucoma and cataract.

Conjunctivitis in dogs occurs when the mucus membrane in the eye gets inflamed because of viruses, bacteria or even dust. The eye looks pink in color and watery when it is infected.  A vet will be able to physically check the dog and diagnose the problem.

Dog Eye Exam

A dog eye exam will show whether it has canine cataract. The eye turns bluish or white in appearance and the dog finds it difficult to focus when it has cataract which can cause blinding. The eye is examined with an ophthalmoscope and a bio-microscope which is a slit lamp to show the interior of the eye and the lens. The vet can diagnose whether there is cataract formation in the eye with this.

Dog Eye Examination

A dog eye examination will help the doctor to diagnose the problem and this is one of the reasons why we should ensure that our pet is put through a check up regularly. If medication is given in time a lot of problems can be treated and the eye saved instead of allowing the dog to become permanently blind. Problems like glaucoma can be controlled with modern drugs and your pet need not loose its sight.

If any unusual symptoms are noticed in your pet’s eyes have it checked immediately and do the diagnostic tests which the vet suggests. Timely intervention can keep your pet healthy.

  Submitted on January 10, 2012