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DNA Test For Dogs

DNA Test For Dogs - Information on Blood DNA Test and Cost of DNA Tests For Dogs

A dna test for dogs helps to determine which breeds the dog comes from.

It also helps in identifying possible health complications that the breed may be susceptible to. A dna test for dogs cost very little and can also be done at home with a kit. The samples must be sent to a veterinarian or a laboratory for analysis. Usually DNA tests are done in case of mixed breed dogs which come from rescue groups or shelters.

The test can also be done on dogs of pure breed for a verification or confirmation.

Cost of DNA Tests For Dogs

The price of DNA tests for dogs may vary depending upon the company. You can consult your vet regarding which is the best dna test for dogs. A DNA test helps to provide a breakdown of the dog’s genetic composition. These tests are known to be accurate and can be about 99 percent certain about the different breeds that make up the dog.

For example, if you have adopted a mixed dog breed from an animal shelter, you can have a DNA test done. The test will give you a detailed list of percentages of the various breeds that the dog comes from. Thus you will get an idea of the hereditary background of the dog. DNA tests for your dog can be done at home itself through a mouth swab. The sample can then be sent for testing and the test results will be sent to your home. This saves you the trouble of visiting your vet or the pet clinic. DNA tests play another important role. They enable owners to identify the medical conditions that particular breeds are vulnerable to. For instance, some breeds are prone to problems of the hips or joints, while others may be at a risk for skin conditions.

Blood DNA Test For Dogs

Being aware of these potential complications helps you to look out for signs and symptoms in the early stages. It also tells you what preventive treatment and care your pet needs. Usually, DNA tests take almost 4 to 6 weeks to come back from a laboratory. Blood dna test for dogs are not generally required, but some clinics may perform them. There is no real difference in blood tests and mouth swabs as they both yield the same results.

DNA tests are also beneficial when your dog is expecting puppies. This will help the new owners of the puppies in knowing which breeds their new pets have come from.

  Submitted on January 23, 2012