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Dog Physical Therapy

Dog Physical Therapy - Information on Therapy Exercises, Equipment and Training

Dog physical therapy rehabilitates a dog that is injured or sick and helps him to regain his mobility and strength.

Physical therapy also helps other problems in dogs like arthritis and obesity, tones the muscles and improves the circulation. Keeping your pet healthy depends on you and the way you help him to recover from any health problem, especially after care which makes it fit and strong. Physical therapy for a dog if it is the basics can be seen to by the owner and does not need a specialist.

Dog Physical Therapy Exercises

Dog physical therapy exercises start with walking which could be at a slow pace or a brisk one which both the owner and the pet are up to. Some big dogs need a run to keep them healthy and for this the owner has to be fit or could cycle along side the dog so that the pace is good. Keeping your dog fit means giving him a sufficient amount of exercise everyday or he will be prone to many diseases.

If certain muscles need strengthening then the dog could be taught to coordinate and run through tunnels or jump over barriers to improve this.

Dog Physical Therapy Equipment

Dog physical therapy equipment is available in pet clinics for special kinds of exercises. A treadmill is one such equipment which helps to improve your pet’s physical fitness. Apart from this you could encourage your dog to play games and swim which is a form of activity they enjoy once they get used to the water. Dogs enjoy grooming like brushing and along with this a massage which is a form of physiotherapy which improves the circulation. The dog should be taught to stretch his muscles and to flex the joints.

Dog Physical Therapy Training

Dog physical therapy training and special training for treating injured animals helps in handling animals with such special needs. One who is interested in tending to animals could make a career of this after getting the required training. Handling animals without such training is not possible as the therapy is meant to help them and heal them and this can only be done after getting trained for it. A lot of pet clinics train people who would like to assist them in giving physiotherapy to animals who are injured or who are recovering from various illnesses.

  Submitted on January 10, 2012