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Dog yoga

Doga Yoga

Dog yoga is a new phenomenon gaining popularity in many Western countries.

It is basically a yoga class that is designed for the dog and its owner. In fact it is also popularly known as “Doga’. More the stress relief and the various poses, yoga for dogs is mainly aimed at strengthening the bonds between the dog and its owner. It provides them with an environment that enables them to have fun together and also with other dogs and dog owners, thereby helping them relax.

During the dog yoga classes, both dog and owner are taught various simple yoga poses depending on the size and age of both the dog and owner. It has been observed that the dogs seem to enjoy the contact and physical touch of the owner. In many of the poses taught, the dogs are primarily props while the owners perform the yoga poses. Cosmic Dog yoga is one of the most popular dog yoga centres in the United States of America.

Regular practice of yoga in dogs and humans also results in deeper and better sleep thereby proving to be an effective against insomnia.

Yoga for dogs can also be initiated at home if your dog is hesitant to going to a specialized centre. Firstly roll out the yoga mats and let your dog sniff them so that he feels secure and comfortable. Constantly improvise or change your yoga poses as dogs tend to get bored easily. This will keep the dog engaged and excited. Many of the latest techniques of dog yoga involve a combination of meditation and massages. In addition there are a number of light stretches also incorporated. Dog yoga instructors are not necessarily certified or technically trained. However there are now teacher training seminars for the same.

Yoga basically refers to the ancient mental and physical disciplines that are traditionally from India. In fact yoga also has its roots in the meditative practices of religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Yoga aims at bringing about a holistic development in its followers on a mental, physical and spiritual level. The various postures practiced in yoga help in strengthening the hands, legs, feet and back. It is also known to provide relief from severe back and neck pain if practiced regularly. The practice of the yoga poses also known as “Asanas” help in blood circulation and thereby maintaining the blood pressure and heartbeat rate. Those who practice yoga often are known to have higher energy levels, high immunity and overall healthy minds and bodies.

  Submitted on May 4, 2010