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Organic dog treats

Organic Dog Treats

Organic dog treats are those treats that are prepared from all natural ingredients with minimum cooking or processing thereby ensuring that the nutritional level of the ingredients are not adversely affected.

In fact homemade organic dog treats are known to be an excellent way to enhance the nutrition and health of one’s dog. Many organic dog treat recipes demand organic dry recipes which are easily available in various stores.

One of the major benefits of natural organic dog treats is that they tend to help in reduction of allergies and skin ailments. In fact it also helps the dog in combating allergies and skin infection in the long run as they are free from toxic pesticides, chemical additives and artificial color and flavor enhancers.

Instead organic dog food contains grain sources and quality proteins which have a very high nutritional value thereby strengthening the dog’s immune system.

Organic dog treats also tend to make the dogs coat and hair shinier, softer and healthier. The dogs that are regularly fed organic dog food are also known to have clear and bright eyes and no problem of fluid sin the dog’s ears and also promote hydration in the dog which in turn results in better quality supple skin. Many vets also promote organic dog foods as they tend to strengthen the heart and the muscle mass in the dog. Those dogs that are overweight are considered to be unhealthy and just like humans are prone to obesity related diseases such as organ failure, diabetes, hip dysplasia or back problem. In such cases organic dog food is highly beneficial as the dogs tend to feel more satiated inspite of eating smaller amounts of nutrient dense organic dog food since it is naturally more nutritious. Organic dog food is also beneficial to the dog’s digestive system as food like oats, natural whole grains, barley, human grade lamb, turkey or chicken are easily digestible resulting in predictable bowel movements and less smelly, firm stools. Homemade organic dog treats are also beneficial to the dog as the dog is able to easily absorb rather than just eliminate more of the nutrients from this organic food which helps it maintain a healthy and strong immune system. In the long run, it has been observed that dogs that have been fed a diet of organic dog food tend to lead healthier and longer lives with higher levels of energy and optimum weight as per their breed.

  Submitted on August 6, 2010