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Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Dogs are probably the most common household pet all over the world and are highly regarded for their loyalty as well as the fact that they can be trained to suit a varied number of roles from providing security as well as assistance to the blind.

Some dogs are even trained to help with bomb and narcotic detection by government authorities. However, probably the most valued trait of any canine is the fact that they are, most of the time, the best companions.

The fact that there is such a huge variety of dog breeds means that there is a dog for almost any personality. Good dog care and the development of a very strong bond also means that the owner or master will have to indulge in the animals cravings from time to time as well.

In most cases, this will mean providing the animal with a tasty treat – most often used as a training tool and reward for when the animal has accomplished a task that was given to it by its master. Since dogs are very highly regarded for their physical presence and strength, it is important that the animals be fed with health conscious, while still being tasty, treats. Dog treats come in large varieties because of the different preferences that one dog will have from each other.

Because of the many varieties of dog treats, there are a number of easy to prepare dog treat recipes available from a number of sources including the internet. It helps to be aware of the fact that dog treats that are found on store shelves are likely to be filled with empty carbs and chemicals. One of the most favored dog treats are banana cupcakes and can be prepared simply by pre heating the oven to about 350 degrees and greasing some mini muffin cups into which a mixture of oatmeal, wheat flower and baking powder that have been blended together are introduced. Some bananas, honey and vanilla are then blended together and water is added slowly. This liquid mixture is then added to a bowl of dry yeast and batter is spooned into a prepared pan to fill the muffin cups up to the rim. Bake the preparation for a period of about 20 to 25 minutes before the muffins are placed on a wire rack to cool. It helps to freeze the cupcakes so as to allow the dog treats to last longer.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010