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Best Dog Treats

Dog treats act as rewards for your furry friend for doing its job well and definitely acts as a motivator.

Dog treats are necessary and are used for encouraging and teaching your dog to be obedient and have an active attitude. Dog treats will work usually for dogs, even if praising doesn't do much. Pet owners must select some strong tasting treats and variety is the key for the food motivated dogs.

It is vital that while choosing the best dog treats, you keep in mind and consider texture, taste, size and color. You must be careful while selecting dog training treats and foods for your pet. The best dog food treat should be nutritional and also tasty.

Many readymade dog treats and dog foods contain artificial chemicals and preservatives that are not healthy for pets to consume. Every dog adores dog treats. There are more kinds of treats available than food. But you must find the ones that your dog likes the taste of; otherwise even though the food is wholesome it will not be eaten. The best dog treats are of a high quality natural variety, and these are becoming increasingly popular.

The factors that must be considered while purchasing or preparing healthy and the best dog treats and food treats are the activity levels of your dog, the purpose of the treats, any pre-existing medical conditions of your dog, and food allergies. You must avoid foods such as onions, garlic, grapes, chocolates, and caffeinated beverages. Dog treat recipes can be easily made at home or you can opt for healthy commercial treats as well. Here are a few options that you can consider while treating your dogs:-

  • Carrot dog muffins and rose dog cupcakes are the simplest homemade dog treats which can be served within an hour.
  • Doggie energy bars are among the best dog treats and keep your dog active and energized.
  • You must choose soft dog training treats over chewy and hard treats. Soft treats will help your dog eat quickly and you don’t have to slow down the lesson.
  • You may also consider pieces of cheese and cooked meat which are easy dog treat recipes and are loved by your furry friends.
  • You must avoid giving too many real liver treats as it can cause loose stools and indigestion.
  • Organic dog treats are considered as healthy dog food by many as they not only supplement the food bought by you but also give your dog a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Cut up some fresh carrot rounds, a healthy and semi-sweet treat that dog's are crazy for. Carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals, but never feed it in large quantities as they may have a slight laxative effect.
  • Apple wedges are the best training treats; they can be frozen and used as soothing snacks for teething puppies.
  Submitted on August 6, 2010