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Soft dog treats

Soft Dog Treats

Many a times dog owners tend to get confused as to what type of dog food to provide their dogs.

Dogs usually prefer moist, canned type of food as they tend to be more tempting and aromatic to the palate of the dog than dry dog food. On the other hand the dental health of the dog is based on the ability of the dog to chew on hard and dry food.

Hence in such cases dog owners are usually recommended to mix a portion of canned moist food along with the dog’s dry food so that they have a wholesome development and also enjoy eating their food. Dogs require something hard to chew on a regular basis as it tends to work out the muscles in their jaw and also strengthens their teeth thereby acting as a form of dental care.

Dry dog food and biscuits also act as a kind of natural doggy toothbrush which helps in cleaning their teeth by loosening any accumulated tartar and plaque. Some of the homemade soft dog treats involves liver which is full of vitamin A and iron.

Soft dog treat recipes involving liver and relatively simple and involve sautéing, boiling or baking the liver at 350 degrees F  until the liver is firm  enough to allow one to cut it into small bite size pieces for the dog. Live can also be use dot prepare soft dog treats by mixing it with other ingredients to create a bread-like treat  which can be kept soft by storing it in a plastic bag. One of the homemade soft dog treats is liver bait which is prepared by pureeing one pound of  beef liver, a cup  of cornmeal, 4 eggs and a tablespoons of garlic powder till they are all blended together well. This batter should then be poured onto a greased cookie sheet and baked for around 30 minutes. Once cooked well, to should be allowed to cool before cutting it into squares and stored in a zip bag or an airtight container. Soft dog treats can also be very healthy by mixing ingredients such as carrots and liver which will not only add iron to the dog’s diet but also plenty of vitamin A. Another excellent and healthy ingredient for preparing homemade soft dog treats is baby food which tend to remain sift and fresh and also have a whole lot more flavor as compared to their commercially available counterparts.

  Submitted on August 12, 2010