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Holistic dog treats

Holistic Dog Treats

Commercially available dog food is found in many forms, however owners should not consider all types of dog food o be equal.

It is very essential for owners to know the difference between various types of commercial dog foods available and the ingredients that go in them. There are some natural and holistic dog treats companies that claim to use only high quality ingredients without the usual by-products and filler.

The best holistic dog treats available commercially are those that add the required beneficial nutrients to the dogs diet without adding the harmful chemicals and preservatives. Although these holistic dog treats tend to be more expensive than their counterparts, dog owners still prefer them because of the benefits that these commercial or homemade holistic dog treats tend to provide such as increased energy, shinier coats and better overall health of the dog.

Some of the popular brands of holistic dog treats and dog foods available in the market today tend to use natural and whole some ingredients in their food that protects the dog from disease like cancer and also contain no animal by-products, wheat, soy, corn etc. They instead have ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that have been carefully selected and recommended by animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians.

Similarly other holistic dog treats include all natural and human grade ingredients in their dog food. Holistic dog treat recipes will usually include the use of natural and healthy organic ingredients such as chicken, rice, lamb etc which provide the dog with the necessary nutrition boosts its immunity and also help in maintaining overall good health. The best holistic dog treats available will usually have three or more meats in them such as chicken, chicken meal and fish meal or chicken meal, turkey and lamb meals etc. While choosing holistic dog treats and dog foods one should avoid those that mention vague sources of meat such as poultry or poultry meal or meat and bone meal and also those foods that contain by products. Once the presence of high quality meats in the holistic dog treat has been confirmed, dog owners should then look for whole grains in the list of ingredients rather than grain fragments or flour. Additionally ground brown rice tends to provide the dog with more nutrients than brewers rice or rice flour. Other grains that are holistic and should be included while preparing homemade holistic dog treats as well are oatmeal, barley and oats.

  Submitted on August 6, 2010