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Rawhide dog treats

Rawhide Dog Treats

Rawhide dog treats in the form of chew toys are often used to keep young puppies and even adult dogs busy with something to play with and also to get some amount of exercise.

Dogs are naturally known to enjoy chewing and hence rawhide treats for dogs in the form of chew toys not only help them relieve boredom and keep them active but are also known to help clean their teeth and prevent plaque from accumulating. There are plenty of commercially available rawhide dog treats in the form of twists of bones.

Rawhide is basically a layer of hide that is obtained from cattle and is available in two type’s namely natural rawhide or pressed raw hide. Natural rawhide dog treats are white in color unless they have been basted with flavorings and are usually harder than the pressed form of rawhide treats for dogs.

The pressed form of rawhide is a granulated form that has been molded into a particular shape and is usually softer than natural hide. One should always monitor ones dog after giving then a rawhide bone or treat to chew on as they may develop a dietary intolerance to rawhide dog chews and treats which will manifest itself in the form of diarrhea, bloating, gas etc.

Similarly some dogs may also develop allergies towards rawhide dog treats which should be identified immediately and the rawhide should be immediately eliminated from the dog’s diet. Sometimes the dog may chew on the rawhide bone very aggressively or the bone itself may be very hard thereby causing the dog to chip or break a tooth. Another concern involving rawhide dog treats is that the dog may bite of a chunk of the hide and may try to swallow it which may result in the dog choking on the piece of rawhide or if the piece does get swallowed there is a possibility that it may not be able to pass through the intestinal tract thereby requiring a surgical removal as it will cause an intestinal obstruction in the dog. While offering a dog a rawhide treat one should always remember to keep the dog’s size and weight in mind as that the treat may not be too large or too small for the dog thereby preventing any problems or accidents from occurring. While giving a dog rawhide dog treats one should also be aware of the possibility of a bacterial contamination of the treat with salmonella and other such contaminants.

  Submitted on August 12, 2010