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Gourmet dog treats

Gourmet Dog Treats

Dog treats are basically certain foods that also form part of the dog’s diet which may be given to the dog occasionally or as a motivational tool at the time of dog training.

Dog treats cannot be used as a whole meal for the dog as they may not supply all the required nutrients and minerals required for the maintenance of the dog’s overall health. Nowadays there are a variety of dog treats that are commercially available all over the world.

However, sometimes in cases of pampered and fussy dogs, it may be difficult to directly purchase a dog treat off the shelf as they may not eat the same if they have certain food preferences. Hence in such cases one may want to prepare gourmet dog treats in the comfort of their home itself and include those ingredients in these treats which their dog loves and also what is healthy for them.

The first step toward preparing homemade gourmet dog treats is to find gourmet recipes which are simple and easy to prepare and also those that preferable require fresh ingredients. These recipes can be easily found on various sites on the on the internet or even in a public library.  

Once the recipe has been chosen, one needs to then gather the required supplies and ingredients as specified by the recipe for gourmet dog treats. In case one is preparing dog treats in the form of cookies, then one should ensure to check for the baking time and temperature so that the same can be accurately followed. Most dog treats that are baked can then be stored in an air tight plastic container and be given to the dog as and when required. While preparing homemade gourmet dog treats one may add some parsley or mint to the dog treat recipe as this will help in addressing the problem of bad breath of observed in the dog. One should also keep in mind the various foods that are known to be dangerous and toxic for the dog and then ensure that these are avoided as ingredients while preparing the dog treats at home. There are some dogs that have special dietary needs or allergies and hence before giving them any gourmet dog treats one should always check with the vet so as to avoid any medical issues. One of the main benefits of preparing homemade gourmet dog treats is that they do not have chemicals and preservatives.

  Submitted on August 6, 2010