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Diabetic Dog Treats

Just like humans, dogs also tend to suffer from various medical conditions resulting from obesity or dietary causes such as heart problems, osteoporosis, and diabetes among others.

Hence managing diabetes in dogs is also similar to managing and monitoring it in humans. However, dogs will demand doggy treats from time to time and sometimes these treats can also be used to coax the dog into taking its insulin injections in some critical cases of diabetes.

Before feeding the dog any diabetic dog treats one should always consult the vet and also try and stick to a particular feeding schedule for the dog. Diabetic dog food recipes will usually include plenty of natural ingredients that are low on refined foods like sugar and flour and are instead packed with nutrients and minerals required to boost the overall immunity of the dog.

One of the diabetic dog recipes is to cut up chunks of raw carrots and use them as treats for the dog as dogs usually love carrots. However while preparing these diabetic dog treats the owner should remember to only use fresh carrots as canned carrots have too much of salt and preservatives. This may also be tried with other vegetable such as green beans, cucumber, cauliflower, fresh broccoli etc. Diabetic dog treats can also include diabetic dry food which may not only be fed to the dog at meal time but can also be used as a treat simply because dogs like the idea of getting a treat even more than actually eating it. Another option for a diabetic treat is to use commercial dehydrated meats which have to be simply cut up and given to the dog in the form of a treat. However one should always check and ensure that these dried meats do not have too many additives or sweeteners that will defeat the purpose of it being a diabetic dog treat. One can also give the dog diabetic food that includes a little bit or sardines which will help in providing the dog with essential fatty acids that are known to prevent the onset of diabetes and also give the dogs coat a beautiful shine. If the owner plans on giving the diabetic dog canned foods then they should ensure that this canned food is low in sodium and also low in carbohydrates. This is because dog suffering from diabetes has a poorly functioning liver and weakened immune system which may not be able to deal with the typical additives found in commercial diabetic dog food.

  Submitted on August 6, 2010