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Rawhide Dog Chews

Whether you have a little puppy or a good old faithful dog chewing is something that it loves doing.

Dogs spend most of their day chewing what ever they get. Chewing could be a habit, exercise, desire and sometimes just fun for a dog. Chewing has many benefits as it helps a dog scrape away plaque, maintain its gum health, diminishes bad breath, controls tartar, helps in keeping the teeth white, develops strong jaws, gets rid of the discomfort of teething and most importantly gets rid of boredom.

There are a number of commercial products found in the market for a dog to chew. Rawhide dog chews are just one such chew toy for dogs. The only thing you need to worry about is; how safe is it for your dog.

Rawhide dog chews are made by cleaning and drying the inner layer of cattle hide. Rawhide chews for dogs are available in different forms such as compressed, rolled, cut, and granulated, and each differs in appearance, size, texture and hardness.

The main problem with raw hide chews is that if the dog breaks big chucks and swallows them it affects the stomach by softening the stomach enzymes and it expands. It may then get stuck in the digestive system and will require a surgery for removal. So before you give your dog rawhide you need to understand your dog’s chewing habits. Some dogs are large aggressive chewers, some are small dainty chewers and others might be mid size chewers. So observe your dog while its eating and you will be able to get the right kind of rawhide to match your dogs chewing style. These are a are a few examples of rawhide dog chew toys:

  • Granulated rawhide is considered the softest among rawhides. This crumbles quiet easily so it should be given to puppies or light chewing dogs.
  • Rolled or cut rawhide is cut in strips and rolled and then made into bone like shapes. They are ideal for mid size chewers as they are harder than the granulated rawhide.
  • Compressed rawhide is prepared by mixing many layers of rawhide and is shaped like a bone. This is a lot harder so it is suitable for aggressive chewers like the larger breeds.
  • Chew flips, chips & strips are small pieces, which are cut from rawhide sheets. They can be given to small puppies or small chewers as they can be bitten and swallowed.
  • Natural rawhide dogs chew are lighter, softer and usually white in color in comparison to the pressed ones.
  Submitted on August 12, 2010