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Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Dogs

Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Dogs - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Dogs?

Hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs, also known as Hemorrhagic Gastro Enteritis (HGE) refers to a disease that affects mainly the intestines in dogs.

This condition can affect just about any breed and size; however, it is a lot more common in dogs that belong to the miniature and toy breeds. Moreover, this condition is more likely to affect younger dogs that are between the ages of 2 and 4.

Since some of the symptoms of hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs may seem to be very severe, it is only natural for any pet owner to get concerned and worried, upon seeing their dogs suffer.

However, if the dog is given prompt and aggressive medical care, a quick recovery is possible. However, if left untreated, this condition can be quite serious, or even fatal.

Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Dogs Causes

Although the exact causes of hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs are still unclear, there are several theories.

Medical health experts usually believe that the most common causes of this condition include an unhealthy diet, a viral reaction, a bacterial infection or toxins in the body. Some doctors also claim that excessive amounts of stress could trigger off hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs. Studies also indicate that many dogs show repeated occurrences of hemorrhagic enteritis. However, this is not necessarily the case with all dogs; in some dog breed this can be a one time occurrence. There are several dogs in which this condition does not even occur once.

Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Dogs Symptoms

There are several symptoms that become evident, when a dog suffers from this condition, the most common ones being bloody diarrhea. Some of the other common symptoms seen in dogs include:

• Vomiting

• Anorexia or lack of appetite

• Restlessness

• Dehydration

In case the condition is not controlled as early as possible, it could also lead to shock.

Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Dogs Treatment

There are many pet owners who get concerned upon hearing of hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs. Fortunately, the condition is treatable, with the help of medication as well as other options. The medication that is recommended for dogs suffering from this condition are antispasmodics, antemetics, antacids and pain relievers, to control the pain and fever. Pet owners should also limit the intake of the food given to the dog.

Hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs can be quite serious, if it is not checked and controlled in time. Therefore, all instances of this disease in dogs should be monitored by a vet.

  Submitted on December 15, 2011  

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